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Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Behavioral Change

A client-centered experience using an array of techniques to engage one's internal motivation for change. This practice allows for the client through coaching to identify their own opportunities and solutions. A coach provides information and advice sparingly and only with permission, unless specifically requested by the client. Coaching sessions are strength-based rather than deficit-driven, mobilizing a client's own strengths and motivations to change a behavior.  

Habit Formation

This scope of practice focuses on moving action forward in the direction of a client's goals. Rather simple or quite ambitious, a plan of action is needed to move the goal from "idea" to "implementation, and ultimately to successful attainment. The speed of habit formation is directly related to the immediacy and intensity of emotions we feel. Through coaching client's will learn to translate goals into actions through the power of cultivating good habits, positive psychology, and utilizing simplicity more than motivation.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP's focus is getting a client to tap into their mind's own language to change internal sensory-based representations to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. Through coaching clients are able to identify typical behavior indicators or impulses that trigger negative habits generally bypassed as normal tendencies. By identifying types of behavioral cues associated with internal thinking strategies, a client can better navigate the decision making process not weighed on "good or bad" choices, but based on pros vs. cons. 

My Approach

My Approach

It's my belief we're physically, mentally, and emotionally more extraordinary than the lives we live today. Based on our physiological being alone we're not hard wired to be confined to mediocrity and limitations; We're programmed with mediocrities and limitations to such degree it becomes our norm. As much as we're diluted and stripped of our innate capabilities by conformity, we're continuously a defiant people. 


We're extraordinary with our aspirations, inspirations, goals, visions, and lucid dreams of an upgraded lifestyle, and ultimately an upgraded version of ourselves. These subconscious dreams are never portrayed through a dim light of mediocrity, but are reminders that we have greatness within us. They affirm us that conformity is a state-of-mind and also a choice, and that we create our reality for better or worse.


I chose strength-based coaching for the reason we are remarkable people. By focusing on strengths and assets rather than weaknesses and deficits helps a person pursuing a behavioral change to achieve success; Using positive psychology helps clients identify and utilize their strengths to successfully accomplish a goal and make a lasting behavioral change. The overall objective is to help facilitate a client choosing to focus on strengths, assets, and possibilities for the future rather than deficits, and what went wrong in the past.  

When we work from strengths it enables a client to use his/her resourcefulness. The coaching relationship is based on the premise that clients are experts of their own lives. Answers are within the client, not within the coach - 

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